Honored Social Butterfly


Hi Everyone, A dreary day, cold and raining, our whole area is under a winter storm watch, so it's anybodys guess, rain, snow, freezing rain...

Here are the last set of numbers for the Letter Z >


B-3  N-32  I-27  O-62  G-53


B-11  I-25  I-17  N-38  N-43


G-49  G-55  O-67  O-75  O-69


Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen

Bronze Conversationalist

Jen:  Congratulations to our Winner, Prison Nurse.  Still needed 2 numbers in the bonus game.  The weather people are saying we're in for a bit of cold and snow.  I'll be staying inside and baking zuchinni bread.  Keep the oven going when it's cold.  


Please sign me up for game 564.  Stay warm and have a nice weekend.  Michol

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Silver Conversationalist

no luck here Congrads prison nurse , weather changing so everyone be safe and warm.
Honored Social Butterfly

Missed by 2 an I and a G.

Cool here today, high was 66, and so windy we almost got blown away going to and from the car.

Good luck to all, hope someone gets it.

Everyone have a great weekend.


P.S. Wow looks like prisonnurse has won the prize with the Z. Congratulations!

Regular Social Butterfly

Well Jen I had to go and get my glasses to make sure I was seeing the right thing.
I have a bingo on card # 115
B 9, I 24, N 38, G 54, O 67
G 60, FREE, I 30, B 4
B 4, I 25, N 45, G 56, O 68
Congrats to any other winner.
It has been raining here for the last two days, and I am wishing for the sun.
Please sign me up for the next game and I will see everyone on Monday, which will be grandson Cooper's 16th Birthday.
Charonanne E Kading
Honored Social Butterfly

You saw it right prisonnurse06 ! This is a Good Bingo !

CONGRATULATIONS ! You are the 1st Winner !

bingogirl.gif WAY TO GO!

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Esteemed Social Butterfly

Well, I missed by 2 numbers.. Congratulations to whoever wins this one 🎉🎉 sign me up for the next game Jen and have a great weekend!!

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