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Hi Everyone, Hope you all had a Good Weekend.

The temps have been a lot more tolerable lately

which is good !

 Here are the #s for tonight>


B-9  N-42  I-26  G-51  O-74


G-47  I-16  O-67  B-10  N-32


B-6  O-63  N-45


PS, The Bingo Hall will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I will be having family both days.

I'll be back soon to check, Jen

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Here it is almost time for Tuesday's game and I am just posting on Mondays game.


Hooray for Jen, she is taking 2 days off for Christmas and yes, yes,yes. Enjoy your Holiday with the family. You more than deserve it.


Hopefully I will get to Tuesday's game before the night is over.



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Got four numbers tonight, second row might do something I hope good luck everyone keep warm and dry.

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I will also be spending those days with my family as a matter of fact my oldest son and my granddaughter are coming for Christmas, and I am looking forward to it.
I got some good numbers tonight. My grandson Cooper delivered a cat house that he built for my feral kitties that I have with a cord that I can plug a kitty heating pad into it for warmth. A couple of months ago he looked out my back door and couldn't believe all the kitties that were there eating. Right now I have 5-9 and every time I set a trap I get only the males somehow the females get out. So most of my males are neutered. I have one female that is crafty and she has had three litters but only total of 3 survived. I will get her I just haven't found a way.
See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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We had high surfs on the North Shore over the weekend. And I didn't feel a bit of excitement. That's when I realized I have moved into the Senior Class of people.
I remember when (in my younger days) we used to drive to the North Shore to watch these monster waves curling up so high and crashing down mercilessly onto the trembling fragile ribbons of beaches. We'd scan the wave crest for a daredevil surfer or three deploying all their surfing skills to maintain their footing on a surfboard as it tries to stay within the optimum spot on the wave as long as possible. A wipeout would mean a fall of 30-50 feet into the bottom of the wave and the wall of water would come crashing on top. Then we'd scan the angry salty froth, looking for the surfer and dare not breathing until we see him emerge. Most of the times, the daredevil would be spotted bobbing in the water looking for his separated surfboard. Sometimes, it would be just the board bobbing alone and crashing down over and over. Whispers could be heard among the onlookers. Some could not take any more of the tension for locating the down surfer and would drive away. The dry coastal road would feel the jolts from the pounding monster waves. Maybe the Ocean had overpowered another monster wave rider. Or maybe he got injured and managed to get washed up a distance away. Hopefully, nothing was broken severly. Ah, youth and its defiance of danger. The onlookers vicariously share that defiance with the daredevils
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This is my first time with On Line Bingo with AARP. I play regular Bingo everyday on another on line site. Can someone tell me how AARP On Line Bingo works ? 

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Hi Denise, This is not an online Bingo game , in that everything here is pretty much manuel, I send the players their card numbers, they make a card and place the numbers I send on it, I post a topic each day in Let's Play Bingo with the called #s for the night, players check their cards to see if they have any of the #s, and cross them off if they do, we play regular bingo till someone wins, and then I post a Bonus Game, So.. no bells no special effects, just simple old fashioned Bingo, If you are interested just let me know, Jen

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That's good Jen, enjoy your family over the holidays I got family coming in from out of town and we're having a party for grown ups and a party for the kids. Got 4 numbers so far.

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Some numbers here and there..It's suppose to get windy and very cold up this way and on Friday temps are suppose to be near 60o..Real mixed up weather..can't make up its mind!
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Oh Jen that sounds good - glad you will be spending time with your Family - that's most important. Got 6 numbers tonight so we will see.

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