Honored Social Butterfly


Hi Everyone, Hope you all got your cards ok,SassiLady said there was a problem with the email notice's, if you get yours there and it does not work, please always check your private messages, thanks.

Boy we are having a lot of rain coming down, big storm here.

Here are the numbers for tonight>


B-8  I-25  G-51  O-63  N-37


I-21  O-70  N-36  B-4  G-53


N-45  O-64  N-33


GOOD LUCK, I'll check back soon, Jen

Regular Social Butterfly

The N column received extra attention today with 4 numbers called. Someone should yell bingo. My entire O column is out to lunch. Not a single hit there. Four good ones did land on my card at random. So, no bingo threat from me.
Honored Social Butterfly

Well I got 4 numbers but they are spread ar'sound.

I have my notices coming to my email and when I didn't get it yesterday I went to my messages in AARP and it was there. I know sometimes I don't get the notices when people post in the group either. I don't know where they go, AARP must have a lost message space somewhere.

Good luck everyone.

P.S. just for the record we have been in the 90's and I am well done today.

Honored Social Butterfly

I got mines I always check my private messages because sometimes it doesn't work in my email. We had a lot of rain, thunder and lightning today also, I got 7 numbers and they are scattered all over.

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