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Hi everyone Happy St Patricks Day!

May luck be with you.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

O-62 O-74-G-59 G-47 I-16

I-30 N-36 I-25 B-3 B-15

O-71 B-1 I-29 G-53

Lots of Luck,Jen


Happy St. Patricks Day Everyone.

Luck to all.....

Jackie P

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Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone 🍀the  luck just weren't with me today.

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Oh boy, I need SIX more.  Maybe because I forgot to wear green today, so the Irish Luck is not smiling on me.  Eirinn go Brách.

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@SassiLady , I was eating bbq and pulled beef smothered potatoes. Not many numbers tonight. Good luck and Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. 🍀

Honored Social Butterfly

My goodness, where is everyone, I came to give kudos and everybody must be out celebrating St. Paddy's day. Haha, drinking green beer and eating corned beef and cabbage. Good luck everyone.

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Happy Saint Patrick's Day! thumb-1920-266050.jpg

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