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Hi everyone,a big 70 degrees today!

vexed was our winner last night,so it's on to the Bonus Game. We are playing-letter-O.gif Letter O

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-11 B-8 I-17 I-28 N-33

N-41 G-50 G-46 O-72 O-65

I-22 B-4 N-45 G-58

Good Luck I'll be back in a bit,Jen.

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This week my bingo card is either not cooperating or slow in seizing the fact that @Vexed already got a straight line bingo and that we're into the big "O" bOnus game. (Yes, it gave me a straight line bingo today!) Maybe it will get with the program tomorrow.

About Day Light Saving time, very few states have the luxury of doing away with it.  If you have extreme swing of sunrise and sunset, Day Light Saving program is perfect.  Our state (Hawaii) has only about 1 hour of sunlight change in the morning and 1 hour  in the afternoon from winter to summer.  That's why we don't participate in this ritual.  Alaska shouldn't either, because of their midnight sun and mid-day darkness phenomena.  The big swing of daylight warrants the existence of Day Light Saving practice.


Oh boy! Only 2 numbers for me and they weren't even part of the letter O 😞 Although, today was my community bingo and I did win $10 for a letter X bingo win 😊

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None of my numbers matched up with the letter O 😢 it was on the cool side here today.

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Saw some geese going north. But they were probably just going to the next watering hole around here. Only a couple of numbers. Good luck to everyone. 

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Wow 70 degrees sounds wonderful. It is warming up a bit here and my daffodils bloomed! I will be sad if they are frozen in the morning. Caught 4 numbers. Need a few more 🙂

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Good evening everyone. Today it reached 70 and warm. It was nice going grocery shopping without having to put on a coat.  I also heard that we may stay on Daylight Saving Time forever if the House passes it. The cons I have heard and agree but would want it are that in Texas the sun would not be up until around 8:30 a.m which makes it hard on kids going to school.

I got a few numbers to get me started on the Bonus game. Congrats to vexed for her win.

See you all tomorrow.

Charonanne E Kading
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Thanks @prisonnurse06 .

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