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Hi Everyone,the cold is still with us,went from ten degrees to 16..yea..NOT !

Here are the last set of numbers for the letter-O.gif letterO.

B-7 B-11 I-22 I-18

N-35 N-41 G-51 G-57

O-70 O-64 N-39 B-4

Good Luck,I'll be back soon,Jen.

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CONGRATULATIONS......ladyfox, Janet & miliannie on getting the bonus game.

Now I am sticking my two cents worth in as I have an O on card# 83.

B-6, 3, 1

I-27, 30

N-40, 41

G-53, 50

O-71, 69, 61

Sorry too tired to go for the layout. I did win again at St. Catherine's $50 game all by myself. WoooWooo!!

Have a great weekend, stay warm and see you all on Monday.

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I missed this SassiLady ! Belated Congrats to you.

I was in bed already.You made our 4th WINNER!

congrats.jpg WAy to go !

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Hooray for your Bingo @SassiLady , here and at the Bingo hall. Good day for you. Thanks for the congrats. Get some rest and have a nice weekend.


Congratulations @Vexed! No bingo for me but I was close, I needed one more 🙄

Until next game 😋

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Thanks @im2bizzie . Good luck next week.

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By golly, you are right. I totally missed that. I probably shouldn't deserve a win for gross negligence. 😊 Or you will find a number I marked that wasn't called. Thank you  @jen43  for checking.

Here it is.


3   70
15   63
5   64
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Great JOB with the numbers. CONGRATULATIONS vexed !

You are the 3rd WINNER !

congrats.jpg Glad you looked again, I'm happy to be right for a change,LOL

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Thanks @jen43 . I am so glad I mentioned what I needed. And so glad you took the time to look. 

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I'm on the same winners float as Lady Fox. On card 85, I have:


B5                          O70

B4                          O75

B6                          O63



It feels good to get a bingo after a long dry spell.

Please sign me up for he next game.  Thank you.

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Way to go @miliannie another winner.


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congratulations_fireworks.gif miliannie !

This is a Good Bingo,You are the 2nd WINNER! Way to go.

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No Bonus Bingo here but that’s ok. @jen43 Of course I’d like to play the next game. Thank you. Have a nice weekend everyone!

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Jen I have the Letter O on Card#84

B   .     I  .       N        G .       O

         27.     32        60.    

6                                            73

12                                          66

7.                                            69


   .        18.     45       47                                      

Sign me up for the next game.         

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This is a GOOD BINGO !

bingogirl.gif YOU DID IT, You are the 1st WINNER !

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Look at you LadyFox.  In an O pattern to boot!!!!  What a way to end the bingo week.  WTG.

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Yippy! Congrats @ladyfox58 . 

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Good evening everyone. Well I was left with 3 empty spaces. Congrats to who ever wins. 

Jen my weather is cold and last night there was a hard freeze. It was 25 feeling like 11 and right now it is cloudy and 45 feels like 37. The advantage I have of living in my part of Texas is that the cold weather doesn't last long.

Please sign me up for the next game. You all have a great weekend and I will see on Monday.

Charonanne E Kading
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I needed I-19. Hate the cold. My fat doesn't keep me warm. It is just for looks. 😊

Car is still in the shop. Sign me up for next week. Have a great weekend everyone.

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Hi vexed, I,m pretty sure I called I-19 on Tues, check again, Jen.

Bronze Conversationalist

Please sign me up for the next game.

Have a wonderful weekend every one!


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