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Thurs Jan6th We Continue With Letter O

Hi Everyone, Our very cold weather has a firm grasp on our area.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

N-44 N-31 I-20 I-25

B-9  B-2 G-53 G-60

O-74 O-62 G-50 B-15

G-59 O-66 B-8 N-37

Good Luck, I'll be back soon, Jen.

Honored Social Butterfly

I am down to one number, but I will be very late tomorrow as it is the first Friday of the month and I am going to bingo at St. Catherine's. That's if I don't get lost on my way home from the RA doctor tomorrow morning.  I started this month with an empty calendar and now I three appointments, good grief!.

Good luck everyone, time for me to go do something useful.


No bingo but down to 3 numbers!


Severe cold, ice, and snow here in TN


Stay safe everyone!

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Our beautiful sunshine weather is finally back after approximately 2 weeks of Kona Low. 

No, baby boomers, not Kona Gold.  Kona Low is referring to the low pressure system coming from the South. ( "Kona" is the "Santa Ana"  equivalent nomenclature for those who are familiar with that California expression). So,  the wind that blows from the South, is called the Kona wind and it brings humidity and bad weather, like rain, thunderstorms.  Most of the times the tradewinds (known as the "Trades") famously keep us comfortable and dry.  The "trades" come from the North East.

Honored Social Butterfly

I'm waiting on 2 more numbers...the temp is dropping fast here. Good luck to the rest of you 🤞

Recognized Social Butterfly

Good evening everyone. It is cold 25 this morning and now 34 but feels like 25. There is a hard freeze tonight. Bible Study was cancelled, and our meeting for tomorrow at the college was also cancelled.  

I got a few more numbers tonight but I have too many empty spaces to make an "O".

Last night my grandson came and installed my doorbell camera and Alexa that I got for my birthday and as usual when my family puts or installs anything that is technology they run into problems when they do it at my house. We found out that the password for my WIFi was wrong on my router so I had to call AT&T and actually got someone. I now have a new password. The camera is working but Alexa sort of works. I am suppose to get a picture of who is at my front door but I don't, so Cooper is coming back tonight and hopefully he can figure out what is wrong. 

You all have a safe and warm night. 

Charonanne E Kading
Social Butterfly

Very cold here. Was 5 F this morning with a chill factor below 0. Got up to about 28 F. Got a few numbers. Stay warm and good luck all.

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I need 7 more for my “O”. Oh my!

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