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Fri April 17th Bonus Game

Hi Everying, Running late, moving furniture around, still not happy with it !

lynnie was our winner last night, so we are going to finish with a coverall,

Good Luck, here are the numbers>


B-4  B-14 I-22  I-27  O-68


N-35  N-41  G-49  G-53


O-62  O-74  I-16  G-55. 

Jwill be back soon, Jen

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Thanks for playing everyone, boy my topic tonight was a mess, you can tell I was typing in the dark! lol

Have a great weekend, things will get better, Jen

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Didn't get a cover all.
Please sign me up for the next game. Thank you.
Have a virus free week end y'all.
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stay safe and in prayers everyone
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I missed by two numbers, good luck everyone and all of you have a nice weekend.

Honored Social Butterfly

Congratulationsto lynnie 🎉🎊 I missed by 2 numbers, sign me up for the next game Jen. Have a good weekend and stay safe.

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Was 15 this morning & now we are in the 50's with lots of sunshine. Have a good weekend - stay well - see you all on Monday 

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Please sign me up for the next game.

Have a nice weekend every one!


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Congrats to lynnie her win. I lost by one number my famous 39, you see Jen even at the end I didn't get it LOL
Please sign me up for the next game and I will see you all on Monday. Our Governor is thinking of opening up some things, which will be good.
Stay healthy. Congrats to who ever wins this bonus game.
Charonanne E Kading
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