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Thurs April 16th Our Bonus Game Continues

Hi Everyone, We had snow this morning, big wet sloppy flakes, that covered every bush and tree, didn,t last long, all gone in an hour ..

Here are the numbers for tonight >

B- 6  N- 31  G- 46  O-66  O- 72

I-23  I- 30  B-9  N- 42  I- 29

N- 38  I- 18  I- 24  N- 44


Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen

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Lo and behold, lynnie39 made her O ! Bravo!

What are we playing next? The carved out area of this bonus game, i.e. 4 corners and the eight squares around FREE? Just kidding.

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Well darned if it doesn't look like lynnie snagged the bonus game. Congrats woman, WTG!

We had a nice sunny but cool day today, all the rain and storms stayed south of us.

Prisonnurse you are lucky our grocery store lets seniors only shop from 7-8. I am not likely to be out that early. Thankfully when I went Tuesday there were not many shoppers there and they have arrows on the floor pointing for one way traffic in the entire store.


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Yeah got it - card 107

B 7 - 1 - 13 - I 25 - 18 - N 34 - 42 - G 52 - 54 - O 63 - 67 - 64 .


It is once again cold here with lots of snow - where is Spring?

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Congratulations lynnie39. This is a Good Bingo !

bingogirl.gifWAY TO GO !

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Jen I found where you corrected the number from yesterday's bingo, darn.
I got to go out today. My friend told me if I go early to Kroger's I shouldn't have no trouble, so I was there at 8 a.m. as the senior time is from 7-9 everyday. I got what I needed except I forgot to get soap for my dishes.
The store wasn't busy, and I had my mask on and practice distancing.
I also got to do a Zoom meeting which I have been trying to do for two weeks, but my computer would not let me. My son and grandson showed up last night and fixed it and it was really nice to see some of my friends.
Well must go I am having steak and bake potatoes for supper, yes I got them today, and it will be nice and I will enjoy the meal.
Take care, and stay healthy.
Charonanne E Kading
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I got 2 more numbers today, I'm moving very slowly for the letter O.

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