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Bingo tonight?

Hello everyone,

Hope y’all are having a nice wknd. 

I received my Bingo card earlier today. I’m a newbie 😉 Do we play tonight?

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Hey @MistyMe33 Go to the posting that says Thurs July 7 for today's numbersCheck your numbers against what Jen posted. Every day Jen would begin with the day of the week.  Don't start a new posting.  Instead, look for Jen's daily posting.  Sometimes she runs late, and now and then, but NOT often, she would run out of time to post the daily numbers because she gets hung up in a previous activity, like shopping, driving in the storms, etc

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We normally do, don't know what is wrong. Jen may have lost internet due to storms. That happened a couple of weeks ago. All we can do is check back again later.

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Where do you get the BINGO cards and how much does it cost to play?


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@zeleake , it doesn't cost anything to play. It is just fun. No prizes, just praise. 😊

You must have private messaging enabled in your profile settings. Send a private message to @jen43 and tell her you wish to start playing. She sends a set of card numbers every Sunday. Then you fill out your own card with those numbers. (just on paper or whatever you like). We play Monday thru Friday. Starting Monday we play for the first straight or 4 corner Bingo. Jen will give a set of Bingo numbers and you mark your homemade card. When someone wins that (or many someones), she will give the bonus game (it can be different things). We play until someone wins that one and can do another. But Friday is the last, winner or not and we start over. Then you let Jen know that you would like to play the next week.


Welcome. Hope you have fun.

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Good answer @Vexed 

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I don't know what time zone you are in but Jen is in Central so posts about 5 her time.

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We play Monday through Friday @MistyMe33 

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@MistyMe33 . No. We get our numbers for our cards on Sunday. Monday, around 5 pm, Jen will call the numbers and we then mark our cards. Glad to have you playing. Good luck tomorrrow.

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