Honored Social Butterfly

Thurs July 7th Well looks like we are playing a Late BONUS GAME

vexed was our Winner last night.

And I lost my entire post, please bear with me as I try this AGAIN! We are playing Hash Tag Bingo.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B - 8 - B - 5 - I - 28 - I - 22 - N - 36 

N - 45 - G - 49 - G - 60 - O - 63 - O -61

N - 35 - N - 43 - O - 69  hash-tag-card (1).jpg

Ok, lets see if this stays put.

So sorry, it's either the laptop or me, what are the odds LOL .I'm sure I hit the wrong thing.


I am down to needing 3 numbers

Regular Social Butterfly

Hash tag bingo: #  Harder than it sounds.  Full I and G columns plus full 2nd and 4th lines. I need 7 hits

Honored Social Butterfly

Five for me tonight and I still need six more. Past my bedtime so I'll say goodnight all and sweet dreams. Good luck.

Honored Social Butterfly

Congrats to Vexed 🎉 well all I can say is I need a whole lot of numbers.

Social Butterfly

Thanks @ladyfox58 

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