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Thank you ALL for joining me on this thread. Today is my last day on this site. Take care my friends.

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I would be interested in playing Bingo again.


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Hi @Spring2023 Nicole. Don't know what system or software she used. This was her procedure::

You have to be able to do cards for everyone playing. This involves a set of randomized 24 numbers out of the 75 for for each player. (and keep track) (send them out in private message.

Then out of a 75 number set, a certain number of these to call for each day. Keep track of those called and then the next set of numbers for each day to call until someone wins the first bingo (a straight), Then keep that set and on to the next type of bingo, picking one of the other types of bingo's choices. Then someone wins that keeping track of each day. Monday to Friday. Every time someone wins, on to the next choice. If no one wins by Friday, then that is it. Then start over again for the next week. Card numbers out on Sunday. Start game on Monday.

Not sure if everyone could have the setup stuff or time, but it is possible.


There may be other ways to  accomplish playing the game. Someone may have other ideas. She was wonderful to do that all the time. I also thought that it should be shared. She never told me of her methods.


Miss everyone and wish we could get this going.

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Jen just sent a different set list of 24 numbers in private message to each person playing. It was up to the people playing to do their own cards. Some just wrote on a piece of paper for their card. Some printed out their own grid and wrote in the numbers in the grid squares. Some made a card in Excel. Hope that helps you out. 

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Thank you for the update! Hope everyone is doing well. 



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Thanks for the update @Spring2023 

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Yes please!



Yes would love Bingo.




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