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Happy New Year Bingo Friends! And I heard from Linda!

Happy New Year Bingo Friends!


How is everyone doing? Any chance we will revive the "Let's Play Bingo!" ?


I heard from Linda B.! I received a Christmas card from Linda. She and her family are doing well. It was so good to hear from her. I am sending a Valentine's Card back. 


Hope everyone is well and staying roasty toasty and safe.



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That is great news @TheSuzyQ ! So glad she and her family are well. I was soooooo worried.

Give her my wishes. Hope you are well.

Don't know about reviving Bingo. Hope so. Have not heard from Jen in a long while. Am worried about her.  Admin said nothing was in place for an Arkadium game in the Games section. Don't know of anyone willing to do the game. 

Wonder if any players would be willing to trade off all the work involved in doing a game. That way it wouldn't be as involved for one.

Thank you so much for letting us know.


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