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If the South County Connector has already opened, where would you ride it to?


If the South County Connector has already opened, where would you ride it to?

Metro still doesn't think that many people would ride the South County Connector and I think that's rubbish.  I think people staying in hotels would.  Now by google maps, type in this address:  6237 Lemay Ferry Road.  That would be the southern terminus of the line.  From that address we trek northbound.  And along the way, where would you ride it to if the line did open on March 14th.  


From 6237 Lemay Ferry Road, head north.  

Left on Butler Hill Road.  

Turn around at Schnucks Butler Hill Road.  The store is located on the north side of Butler Hill Road.

Left on Butler Hill Road.

Left on Lemay Ferry Road.  

Left on Lindbergh Blvd.  Here, passengers can transfer to 17, 49, and 73.  Number 73 would take visitors to Busch Brewery.  

South Connector continues on it's way.  Next turn is to the right on Tesson Ferry Road.

Left on Musick Avenue

Right on Tesshire Avenue

Left on Tesson Ferry Road

Left on Gravois

Right on Lindbergh.  

Route terminates in Kirkwood at Kirkwood and Adams


I am glad that 52 people has signed the petition.  For those who signed it, please share.  I am including the link again so that way, you can share it with your buddies.



If you all signed, that's great.  Now after reading the route description, please share it.  

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