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Why Can't I Remember Names?

Believe it or not, remembering names is a skill that you can develop. You can be one of those people, too. All it takes is practice — like any skill that’s worth acquiring. In this Brain Health Challenge from Staying Sharp(R), you’ll learn about techniques and strategies for getting better with names and faces. Visit AARP® Staying Sharp® for more brain health information.

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The wife does the name remembering in our family, so I don’t need to.

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Names aren't my problem - got anything to help with various codes?

Codes to open my car, codes for the alarm - front door, garage door - I even saw one of those multi-box mailboxes the other day and yep - codes to open your mailbox.

Maybe I can figure out some way for them all to be the same - but then they aren't all the same number of numbers - E-Gads ! 

I know the answer - tattoos  🤣



It's Always Something . . . . Roseanna Roseannadanna
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I work in Parks & Recreation, and I supervise a Recreation Center. We offer a variety of programs from tot's to senior's. I basically just give an effort to remember names, so that the patrons feel welcome to a familiar face. This one evening a mother approached me in distraught. She could not find her child, and she asked me for assistance. I gathered my staff to assist me, and to my surprise none of them new the child except for me. And he was a regular guest at our facility. I gave my staff a description of the youth. we all went out looking for him, as his mother stayed in my office. we searched everywhere with no luck. I then decided to go to the nearby library, and that's where I found him! I returned with the youth to his mother, and she thanked me as she cried with tears of joy. From that moment on I knew I had to train my staff to remember our guest, patrons, and visitors names. I teach them the use of repetitiveness, and associating. And from the theme song from "Cheers," Sometimes you want to go, where every body knows your name, and there always glad you came! This is what I tell my staff!.

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