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Pfizer update - one person's experience

My first round with Pfizer affected me with two or three mild symptoms for a few days without even a hint of fever, but my second one provided no discernible symptoms, other than a slightly sore knot at the injection site for about 2 days. I noticed the soreness only when I rubbed it. Otherwise, it was just business as usual.


I have heard of everything from no symptoms up to being "a real doozy." So, just get the vaccinations when you can and don't worry about it. I worried that my second one might kick my butt, but I ended up riding my bike just about every day. That's how serious it was.


I only know what I've read and heard and how that news compares to my experience. I'd gladly get the shots again with the hopes that it would keep me from even a mild case of the real COVID-19.


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Agree with posting. We've had the first Moderna and will get second in a week. Had sore arms for a couple of days. Have heard a number of stories after the 2nd jab ranging from more sore arms to really ill for a day, but nothing worse than that.  

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@retiredtraveler my 2nd Moderna vaccine had me in bed the 2nd and 3rd day. Glad it is over 🙂

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