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Even if You've Had COVID-19 (and even if you haven't)

I get regular e-mails from Reader's Digest.

This morning, I saw an article that talked about whether or not a person needs the vaccination, even if he or she has already tested positive for COVID-19.


“If You’ve Had COVID-19, Do You Still Need the Vaccine?”

By Tina Donvito, Updated: Mar. 10, 2021


My takeaway:

The vaccines trigger more immune response than the virus infection does. So, even if you have had COVID, the vaccine can still help protect you better than natural immunity from the disease.


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Sometimes I think we are bombarded with so much information that it is hard to know which is fact or which is, well not fiction, but just not proven unless we have one solid place to go to for all information.


Studies are just studies until substantiated and finalized but I'm not sure that science will know all of that until after more time and conditions have past.  Then looking back perhaps science can come to some conclusions.

New York Times 02/01/2012 - Had Covid? You May Need Only One Dose of Vaccine, Study Suggests 

. . . . researchers found that people who had previously been infected with the virus reported fatigue, headache, chills, fever, and muscle and joint pain after the first shot more frequently than did those who had never been infected. Covid survivors also had far higher antibody levels after both the first and second doses of the vaccine.


My conclusion for myself since I have no condition that says otherwise. . . . . Take the Vaccine

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Community Manager

From What to Know About the Coronavirus Vaccines:

Do I need the vaccine if I have already had COVID-19?

The verdict is still out when it comes to how long you are protected from COVID-19 after a previous infection — what's referred to as natural immunity. In fact, “early evidence suggests natural immunity from COVID-19 may not last very long,” the CDC explains. Because of this, “people may be advised to get a COVID-19 vaccine even if they have been sick with COVID-19 before,” the agency states.


Health officials will keep the public informed of any developments and recommendations as more is learned about the duration of natural immunity.


I've also read that some long-haulers are reporting diminished long-term symptoms from COVID-19 after being vaccinated, but studies need to be done to determine if it's due to the vaccine and if relief will be short-lived.

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@AARPRachelA some of us want the vaccine but don't want to risk using public transportation to the site, or can't get there due to physical limitation.


I so wish there was a program to deliver the one-dose vaccine so we can all get it.


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In GA, that can be arranged if the person is unable to travel to a vaccine site, be that site a local pharmacy, a doctor's office, a scheduled vaccine site or a mass vaccination site.

Have you called your local health department to see if an accommodating method is available to you?

It's Always Something . . . . Roseanna Roseannadanna
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