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Are There Any MORE Good One's Out There!?

I don't know the worst of the evils....

Those giving up because it's all about them & free of life's Chapters?

Or those that want it free because they can manipulate someone who Loves them....

With or without a Marriage License until another, Better one comes along....


What ever happened to I know who I am & I'm a Grown **** Adult! I'm responsible for not just myself but when my partner is weak.....I STAND BESIDE THEM...TO DEATH DO US PART!!!

I don't want a convivence for life, but a GOD given Spouse that Will be Beside Me to THE END! 

People have to much out there that they use for choices that rip them & their Partner life apart!!

I don't know if there is ever going to be any more GOD Promise of to Death Do US Part!!!

It's sad because when I had this & it was a Real thing....I Thank You GOD, it was the Best of life!!

What I would give now to find that "1" last SoulMate at 62. All Stay Blessed Kathy 



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@KathyM604181 you will meet someone when you are living a life that makes you happy. We attract what we are 💚 Happy attracts happy 😉

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Sure there are.  But will I ever trust another to let him into my heart.  Nope. I tried, and got stomped on again.  I'm not going for three.  I'm pretty sure my heart won't survive.


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Yes there's still good hearted people, who like some of us, are wandering around searching for our "soulmate". I understand the vows quite well and true "till death do us apart" should mean you stick it out till the end. Unfortunately for some of us, that wasn't the case and divorce was the only option. Have fallen in love a time or two but turned out we weren't soulmates. Time and patience, your soulmate will come.

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Thank You Ray, Yes there are still plenty of Good People in the world & we all see it!

But for this process of life to The End, it's harder each day to find 😞

You have a Blessed Sunday & I hope to chat with you again....

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@KathyM604181 there are still good people out there. 

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