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Newest ACE! @WanjirusBits

As the weekend approaches I wanted to introduce our latest ACE whom achieved the badge earlier this week


A member of the community and AARP for over 20 years, @WanjirusBits has just recently entered into the community realm over the past six weeks! In that time, she has contributed in a wide range of forums and picking up plenty of kudos by her peers.


WanjirusBits is originally from Kenya, but has been a California native since the 80's. In addition to her background in business admin, she is a strong advocate of education and portrays that through her nonfiction writing. 


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Congrats @WanjirusBits !!!

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@WanjirusBits Welcome to the on-line community! 🎉 So glad you have jumped right in.  Your input and insight has been great. Christine

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