Community Manager
Community Manager

Newest ACE! @Vexed

Welcome to October! We have a new addition to our ACE roster that has bubbled up over the last few weeks that I wanted to introduce to everyone. 


A member of the community for less than a month, @Vexed has accelerated quickly across many of our forums!


In addition to being a Caregiver and helping others, she spends her time playing AARP Games and participating in Let's Play Bingo!, Rock N' Roll and Games Talk forums to name a few.


Vexed also enjoys animals and humor. Say Hello!

Social Butterfly

Thanks for the warm welcome. Hope to contribute more. (Haven't read everything yet. 🙂 )

Have really enjoyed being here.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome aboard @Vexed - great to see you engaging in our Games area!  Hope you are also checking out our new AARP Right Again! Trivia TM game - here!

Silver Conversationalist

Congratulations @Vexed! You are a wonderful addition to the AARP Community!

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