Community Manager
Community Manager

Newest ACE! @ChristineH635132

I hope everyone's week is off to a good start! I wanted to introduce our latest ACE whom achieved the badge over the weekend. Very active in the community over the past four-five months, @Rhymesometimes has spent her time being helpful in the Friends and Family forum and The Girlfriend forum. 


She is a custom poem composer, Sudoku puzzle solver, old movie watcher, daily morning walker who also looms hats and bakes muffins. Additionally, she has a background in Psych and Gerontology and aims to belly laugh at least once a day.


Say Hello!

Social Butterfly

Yes she is awesome @AARPMichaelP !!! Love her unique posts. Congrats @Rhymesometimes 😉


Congrats, Christine!  


"Gooble, gobble...One of of us...!"   😉

Gold Conversationalist

Michael,  Thank you for the welcome.  Christine

Super Contributor

Congrats to you!! Would love to read some of your poetry 😍

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Rhymesometimes Sure thing! Do you happen to have a sample of any poems you have done lately!?

Gold Conversationalist

Michael,  We really don't share the poems we ( my husband and  I ) write when it's custom poems for our family and friends.  Some of the material can be pretty personal.  Maybe I can come up with one about being a newbie to the ACE program!  Let me think about that.  Christine

Community Manager
Community Manager

I completely understand. Whatever you want to do or don't want to do. No pressure! @Rhymesometimes 

Gold Conversationalist

I appreciate that Michael.  Thx Christine

Community Manager
Community Manager

Congrats, @Rhymesometimes, on earning the ACE status.

Gold Conversationalist

Thank you so much Sandy!  Fun to contribute.  Christine

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