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How do I post things ??

I cant figure out how to post my introduction my contact info so folks can if they so chose reply ,I also cant figure out how to post photos ,

Would someone please me as where to go what to do so I can jump on board with everyone.Thanks everyone in advance for any and all assistance. My email address is 

[personal details removed to protect your privacy]

Anyone and everyone can contact me anytime.

       Sincerely Richard

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Thank you for helping @RichardK1086 out a lot @cat0w


@RichardK1086 - You have come to the right place. Just to reiterate...


The easiest way to put in your information is to go to "my profile" towards the navigation on the top of the community homepage. (see screenshot below).


My Profile.JPG



Once you have done that you can fill out your online community profile and hit "update." (see screenshot below). Note: You can also change your username and profile picture through this page as well.


Update Profile.JPG



In order to put a picture in your post. You hit the camera button above the text body (seen screenshot below). 


Pic Post.JPG


From their you can upload images from your computer into your text body. I hope this helps! Have a good one. 

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Have you looked at the top right of the page? You should see what looks like and envelope icon, that's for your mail/messages. Next to that you will see My Profile, My Settings, Guidelines, Help and Forums. Look at all of that.


To change things in a topic/post use the ribbon/toolbar icons to select what you want to do.



You can create Macros like the one above.

Too expand the toolbar click on the three dots. 

See example image below. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it. AARPActivateEnlarge.jpg





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