How Brave Are You?

Hey y’all, I am new at all of this but truly looking to connect with like minded folks experiencing a retirement they didn’t figure would sneak up on them especially in these weirdly surreal times! I’m trying hard not to be depressed at all this! I’m a single Mom, Gramma, Great Gramma, veteran, retired from Wells Fargo and a law firm in So Cal! Lotsa stories and questions! How brave are you?

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Greetings!   I'm so interested in what you are asking people to be "brave" about?  LOL

Brave about chatting with you?  Brave about approaching your retirement?  Oh my goodness!  Please satisfy my curiosity.  Thanks!   



Hello,  I was intrigued by you subject title.  Here I am at 71 years of age and facing a brand new life.  Bravery has certainly entered by mind on occasion as I trepidatiously encounter each day.  I find it rather comical that we humans believe we truly have any control over life's plans.  But I am planning again for my latest venture.


What a time to try to plan!  I want to reach out and develop this new life and not necessarily have each day be completely alone, yet COVID is preventing that.  Realistically it looks like another year of it!  How sad for all of us social humans to have to bear such an unnatural state of affairs.  Yet here I am typing away on a "social media" venue; I guess that shows a type of bravery on my part.


I live in Texas (and am a Jersey transplant).  Recently retired and widowed.  Now living in an apartment with my dog.  Life has certainly changed but am striving to adapt.  I am reaching out to others the safe way to simply share "conversations" about our daily lives.  Anyone interested...just reply.

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