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Dating site

Joined AARP basically for the advertised dating site.  Figure there should be more age appropriate females than Match or others.  Problem is I don't see the dating app.  Customer service agent and her supervisor told me  Ok, here I am and still not seeing a dating app.  Ad had pricing and reviews same as like for Match and such.  Must be pretty well hidden, or no one is using it.  Anyone know about it?

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Hello, Glenn. It might be helpful for you to list your location and the age range of women you’re looking to connect with.

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Would be a long commute to SoCal for a lunch or dinner.  lol  I'm pushing 70 in central Florida.  Still working what amounts to every other day because I like the job and SS is poverty rate income.  Life is good. 

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Hi GlennT804338,

Where are you in Central Florida?  How's the dating game going?

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Hello Glenn,

I live in Orlando and I am more than happy to become your friend.  I am 74 🙂

Not that it matters but just in case you are curious.  I am a retired teacher but still working giving tutorials online.

Have a nice cloudy Saturday.


Beatriz Cortes
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Hi GlennT804338,

Will send a PM....I am also in Central Florida. 



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I recall but it was years ago now, that there was a section where AARP members could post personals type ads. But as I say, that was long ago. I've been a member since 2006 and it seems to me like it was probably around that time that I was feeling especially single. I do know that there are a LOT of women here on the site but they aren't categorized by any geographical or age dynamics that I have seen. But most of them seem friendly. You could always just say hello and see if it leads anywhere. For me the window shopping and flirting is the best part!

Good luck, I hope you find a keeper or, better still, I hope someone finds you to be a keeper!




It's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice.
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Thanks for the good vibes.  Plus letting me know I 'm not crazy.  lol  

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Hello @GlennT804338 .  AARP doesn't have a dating site.  Where are you seeing this advertised? 


Is the mention AARP Community Connections? If so, AARP Community Connections is a new website that offers steps to find or give help to others during the coronavirus pandemic. Learn more.


I saw the same thing advertised and even told my daughter about it.  Weird? Is it for real?


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Apparently not.  Seems like a natural service with a base to ensure decent size from the start.  I will be trying one of the established sites


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Google searching of course.  There were feature, cost, pro and con comparisons.  I'll take your answer as definitive that there is no such animal.  Closest I see is for pen pals.  I am looking for local age appropriate females.Thanks for the reply. 

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