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Companions, Lovers, and Wives!

Some of you might have already read the following, but I am new at this and still learning, so I refined it a bit, and relocated it. Now I have to learn how to post a picture of myself! I can send one by email, but that is it for right now!🐵


My name is Ray, and I live in Portland, Oregon. I would like very much to meet a sweet lady, in or near Portland for a wonderful Companionship, Partnership and Marriage! 🐵 Age is not a factor for me! I am an 81 year old single caucasian Liberal male, in very good condition, who Loves and Respects Women! My mother was a woman. My daughter is a woman. my sister, my doctor, my baker, my attorney and my candle stick maker are all women! Did I tell you I Love and Respect Women? Good! 🐵


My wife and I lived and worked in Saudi Arabia. That's where we met. We were both 47 and single at the time, and after about a year of dating we eloped to Bangkok Thailand and got married at the Seven Day Adventist Church/Mission and then 6 months later we eloped to Anchorage Alaska and got married at the Christ Congregational Church/Mission so we would have an American marriage license to go with our Thai marriage license. (We took both licenses and put $15.00 with them and bought two cups of Starbucks coffee!!) 🐵

It has been almost a year since my wife was taken from me, and I miss her dearly! It is very lonely living alone!

I am an adventurous man, and I would love to meet an adventurous woman, for a Companion, Friend, and perhaps some day we will think that eloping to some exotic place and getting married WILL be FUN!!

I know how to be a good husband, a good friend, a good partner, and a good companion.(I'm good) 🐵





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Dear Ray,
I sent you a private message. Hope to hear from you soon!

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Dear Ray and Bea,

I hope you both were able to connect.  Life is better sharing with someone. 



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Hi Goddess Athena,


I have been trying for hours to reply to your private message, I am trying for one last time, I hope this makes it!

I will contact you later in the day! Take care!






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Dear Ray,

It was nice to read your email.

I would love to meet you and start being your friend.  Unfortunately now with this pandemic situation we can only communicate through the computer. 

I live in Orlando, I was a teacher for many years and finally I retired, I think for good, 2 years ago.

I said I think because I thought that in 2016 when I cambe back from working at The American School in London, and then, I worked again LOL

I really like to do what I do, but, people don't like old people 😞

I am 73, I am from Mexico, I love people, travel and watching movies.  Among more things.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Feel free to email me back.



Beatriz Cortes
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