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Senior Housing

It's been a challenge to find AFFORDABLE senior housing for myself in Chicago, IL. Before my last birthday I was looking for 55+ housing and it was nearly non-existent. But now I'm 62 and more options are available. Last year, I'd visited a place I really liked from the outside, got a waiting-list application, and they called recently because they have a unit available. But I have a lease now for my current apartment until August and I'm just not ready to pack up and move again already. This is my first apartment on my own again since 8/2011 and I kinda like it here. However, I am considering the new place for my 80 y.o. mother. She lives in Independent Senior housing now, but the place is basically in the middle of nowhere. My sister found/chose the place and at the time, I did not have the means/transportation to check other options.


The main reason I'm posting about this is to give a heads-up to others like me, who might be looking for Independent Senior housing. I have a short checklist I've been working on and thought others should consider these items. Most are beyond what the property manager will tell you when you take a tour.

* Nearest grocery store? Grocery delivery available?

* Is there a bank branch/ATM for your bank nearby?

* Proximity to public transportation (bus, train)? Taxi service?

* Nearest hospital/Urgent Care facility? Proximity to your doctor's office?

* Closest Pharmacy to get meds and sundry items?

* Closest restaurants for dine-in and/or delivery?

* Closest shopping mall/mini mall?

* Closest dry cleaners? Do they have pick-up/delivery?

* Closest place to worship/church?

* Proximity to other entertainment - Movie theater? Library? Local shopping? Parks? Museums?

* What are the Senior Transportation options if you don't drive/have a car?



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Live in senior housing in So Nevada; rent just went up $91 month, I did not get a raise. Carefree Senior property is greedy.
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I will be in my senior apt 1 year on Aug 8th and I love it.  Of course, it's the first time I've ever been on my own at 68 and I thank God for allowing me to do this at the end.  My journey here wasn't really planned, but it was in God's plan.  Since I was 14, I've always wanted a girl and boy, but didn't consider that I needed a man, and God provided one.  We moved into a 1-1/2 room apt, got married and had my girl and boy and after 8 years, bought a 2 flat and lived there for 10 years and then bought a tri-level house in suburbia to escape the gangs so our children only had to think about education.  After 11 years to the month, my beloved husband passed away and I had to go it alone which was rough because it was no fun without him.  We had planned to grow old together but I guess it wasn't meant to be.  13 years after my husband passed, lost my job (Madoff cause and effect) and I managed to hold onto the house with home equity in arrears for 11 years before foreclosure.  2 years prior I started putting in applications for senior housing based on my due diligence and then my daughter said I was moving with them to TX, so I had all my stuff packed, canceled my applications only to find out that she had faked me out because my son-in-law wanted me to move with them.  6 months before foreclosure, I started looking at trailer homes communities and found one which looked promising and then they started making excuses and showing me trailer homes that should have been torn down.  Then I started looking for hotels that rented by the week and month for short term.  Low and behold, 2 weeks before I had to move out of a home I had lived in for 33 years, I get a call from a senior citizen community which I thought I had canceled.  They told me if I still wanted an apartment, I needed to come in to fill out forms.  2 days before I had to move out, I was moving into a newly decorated senior apartment.  I know God had my back and knew what was best for me and he brought me here right on time and I will forever be thanking him.  Of course I've run across females who will stare at me when I say hello and males will speak no matter what and I see that as those females' problems and not mine.  Bottomline, I am happy and I don't have to worry about cutting grass, water or gas bill and I go grocery shopping once a month as usual.  With the laundromat being on the premises, it's almost like the home I left except my washer and dryer were better but I'm not complaining - just happy, happy. 

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Hello there, notready:


Think you are a VERY fortunate person. Have seen many women, some over 70, holding their own on the streets of metro Los Angeles. Am happy for you that That One stepped in in time.


Had it been me in those last 3 weeks before having to leave, I'd have inquired about women's shelters or if there are any local YWCAs with residential openings. But fortunately that was not needed and your new home is a good place.


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I am 77 and have applied to independant senior housing but am still conflicted about leaving my moble home. I am happy in my home but am finding it difficult to maintain it because of lack of help.

How have other people dealt with this situation?  The senior houseing I have applied to has almost all of the available nearby amenities listed in the previous post with the exception of public transportation, but I still like my home and gardens etc. 


What area of the country are you in?  What is your state of health?

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I live in SW NH and have arthritis and breathing problems

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Thanks for posting this!






It is difficult to find affordable options - my mother was looking at places in NYC, and the entrance fees + ongoing monthly rates are unbelievably high.



If there was a good transportation option (e.g., regular bus services), and good food available at a residence, would you be interested in living in a lower cost area outside the city?


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i'm 65 and in a regular apt complex. the senior housing around me is either assisted living or convelencent. I am looking for a modern upbeat place that offers the same amenities as a reguar apt except affordable. They are building two new senior housing near me but I am waiting to see what they will be.

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I very much hear you! Senior housing is an essential, has been for decades. Always a topic of surprised disappointment that after so much talk, so little has been done.


I will be 64 in June and have been doggedly applying for subsidized senior housing the moment I turned 62. Lost my last major employment source at 54, ran out of money at 56 and became homeless. After 6 years on the street, I got a berth in a transitional housing program. It is as it sounds--a place where those in and out of prison and rehabs are sent to live. NOT a safe house environment, in an unsafe area of town. Am presently on 9 waiting lists with a chance to acquire a spot in a new complex for seniors in Hollywood, CA. Berths will be gotten by lottery and I fervently hope I secure one.


Is just a shame that seniors need to face this--losing good work because they are "socially too old", then having to scramble around frantically seeking a safe state. While on the street, I saw MANY seniors, some past 70, wandering the street by day and sleeping on dirty shelter army cots by night.


2 options I am aware of for searching for affordable senior housing is

#1 - website. HUD housing rent is 30% of income in age 62+ housing. Click top tab that says RESOURCES. Click affordable apartment search. Then put in the city, county, or zip code of the area you are interested in, type of housing (senior), # of bedrooms, etc. It will return a list of availble places. Waiting lists can be very long on some properties.

#2 - is a good resource that you can enter city or zip and it returns results from independent living to non subsidized properties in the area


I agree, trying to find affordable senior housing is hard. I don't need assisted living. I live in a northern suburb of Detroit, MI  now in a 55 + mobile community. I lease a small 2 bedroom. Almost 900.00 rent plus all utilities. Souch for helping seniors with affordable housing. I'm 65, still working so this is doable (?) For now. Not when I retire. And only get maybe 1800. A month. No pension. 

There are many new senior living places being built. No way could I ever live in these. 1500-4000. A month. 

It's a shame we can't find affordable senior housing in desirable areas.

May have to move any from family and go south. Sad. 


The senior housing I have checked into is $3000 to $4000 per month!  I have too much to qualify for assisstance and not enough to live in the community.

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I'm in the same situation.  Now I live with my daughter and grandson but 

I am feeling more like a burden and wonder what  I'm going to do?   

We are living too long and out living our resourses.  I really think we  need

to be able to end it all legally when we want to.

It is not a joy to out live ones shelf life.

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