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Senior House Sharing

Has anyone tried house sharing? How did you get started and how did it work out?

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I have a home to share!  It is in Woodstock, Il.,  truly "A Little Piece of Heaven on 4 acres".  It has a creek running through it, a pond, huge oak trees, making it a glorious peaceful haven. The house has 3700 sq. ft., completely furnished. You have a very large private bedroom, private bath, a very large family room with shared rest of the house. I am looking for a lady, compatible with me to share.

Woodstock is a very active town and has tons of activities It is the place for the filming of Ground Hog Day, The Home of "Dick Tracy" a very beautiful Town Square with a huge Gazebo in the center that touts loads of summer concerts, entertainment, and information.  There is always something happening. If you would like more information, please contact me.

Is this Still available?


Senior house/lot sharing is something I am also considering.  Or using my RV set-up as an airbnb.   Feedback from anyone who has perhaps done this?


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I actually have both. I have 4 acres....plenty of space for RVS as well as a large home, 3700 sq. ft. to share. Ay thoughts, p;ease contact me.  Joni

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There is an article, on this website, that discusses this issue.

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Help me out...I could not find it!



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Go into the main AARP screen on this website (just click on AARP logo in upper left of the screen).


In the search box (upper right on screen), key in 'shared housing'. You will find links to a number of articles.

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Hello SR,

I've never tried it myself, but my mother did.  But we need to take into consideration that she passed away 20 years ago this month.  

She ran newspaper ads for room for rent in paper, she had a rental agreement with a deposit for renter to sign, allowed them to us a section of refrigerator/freezer for food which was initialed, charged them to wash their clothes weekly, they were responsible for there own personal items and detergents for washing, responsible for keeping room clean & vaccumed (her vacuum)/no eating in room, weekly, bi-wkly or monthly rent payments from renters,etc.  

Two story house with (2) bedrooms and full bath upstairs for renters

I'd try it myself but different kind of people in the world today, even seniors.  I'd really need to know them well, or get a background check.

I hope this gives you some ideasSmiley Happy


Have a Blessed Day,



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