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Community Manager

Selling Your House

Hello! Is anyone trying to sell their house right now? Or did you successfully sell your house during COVID-19? I'd love to hear your tips and suggestions on how to navigate this.


Here's a great guide to help if you are in the process of selling your home as well!


I think we need to improve our home before selling it. The price of the improved home is higher. Look for local home improvement company and repair your home before selling.

It's clear that even the expenses for improvement will be justified and the price of home after improvement will be profitable.

Selling a home while pandemia is possible though you can meet some difficulties. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

I agree that it's worth it to make improvements to increase profits. I live in a condo and we are trying to sell right now. The condo market is certainly different now than it was pre-COVID. It seems most folks are looking for houses rather than condo buildings, so it's slow going for us.


I wasn't able to read the tip on selling your house. I know of a 2017 trailer with a Queen bed pop out in CA that can be used for someone who has lost their home or just wants to downsize. You'll need a hitch. Currently my Uncle pays $333 a month for the trailer with a balance of $21,534. I will send for him to live with me and I'm hoping someone else can benefit just as he has.  

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