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Do You Have Outdoor Space?

Does your home have an outdoor living space? If so, how are you utilizing it this summer? Have you made any updates or added new furniture?


I live in a condo, and unfortunately don't have a yard. But I do have a community rooftop! I enjoy spending time up there grilling and watching the sunset. The view is pretty incredible too (if you look closely you'll see the Washington Monument and the Capitol)!


I'd love to see what your outdoor sanctuaries look like. Share a photo if you'd like to!


pdl23tp (2).jpg



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I have really enjoyed my patio and back yard during this stay at home time. After putting out fresh water and food for the birds and Squirrel's each morning I sit on the patio and watch them. I did add the bird bath this year for the birds. Late in the day when it was cool enough I enjoyed sitting in my swing. During cool mornings or days I sometimes would sit at the picnic table and have a snack or eat a meal while watching the birds and Squirrel's. Click on, tap or activate images to enlarge them.






The squirrel should be upright sitting on the fence post.



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I haven't been able to turn my Squirrel photo in my original post.  Here it is again. 




I moved in with my daughter, son-in-law, and autistic grandson a year after my husband passed away. They have 4 acres of land abutting a conservation area; wide open space in the front yard, forested in the back. This year we made use of the sunny front yard for a small raised vegetable garden and a few blueberry bushes. We are considering increasing the raised garden, adding a couple of dwarf fruit trees, and more blueberry bushes next year. We fenced the backyard to contain my dog, my daughter's 2 dogs, my grandson's service dog (yup, FOUR dogs!), and a safe play yard for my grandson. Add a picnic table and a few chairs and we have the perfect outdoor space to ride out the pandemic.

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