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Moving to florida

I am 75years old, handicapped, recently had knee replacement surgery. I have lived in my apartment with my wife ( she recently passed away 4years ago) for 11 years. Every year for renewal I got a modest increase. The management always took into consideration my status and income. This year the management company has gotten greedy and just sent me my renewal letter. They've decided to raise me $415 a month.  Of course I can't afford this. I have been looking for rents in my area and going out as far as 30miles away. No one takes into consideration age of income.

So my recommendation to seniors who plan on moving to Florida for their golden years. DONT do it unless you have a large bank account. Even 1 bedroom apartments here in Sarasota and surrounding areas for running between $1800 to $2000 a month. And that doesn't include anything. Most complexes here charge you for water/sewer, trash removal, lest control and  convenience fees just to accept your rent payment. So save your money and go someplace else that is just as warm.

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No one takes into consideration age of income.


Yep, everything is going UP - it isn't just greed - a landlord or management company having to pay more for everything - salaries, repairs, maintenance, security, taxes, etc.  does end up in the final total of the rent.  Then there are the losses which landlords had to endure as part of the pandemic moratorium on paying rent - was supposed to be a selected few but it was impossible to even evict those that didn't qualify for the moratorium.  So, they lost, and they may have a mortgage to pay.  Yes, losses from other also affect your rent amount.


Income doesn't matter unless you are in a government subsidized unit (Sect 8 or Sect 202) and there are long, long waiting list on those units.


It seems to be a real problem for some folks - maybe try to find a roommate preferably someone you already know - 


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