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Do you get 10k steps a day?

Are you a walker? I am! I was obsessed with my apple watch and used it as a fitness tracker. Closing my rings felt so good! I've stopped wearing my apple watch now though. I know I don't get 10k steps a day given that I'm not commuting to work now.


Are you getting in 10,000+ steps a day? It turns out, you might not even need to be hitting that number per day. Another interesting finding - a study published this year in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that walking at a rate of 50 steps per minute, on par with a slow stroll, was just as effective as faster paces. The overall number of steps taken was more important than how quickly anyone took them.


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Use my Fitbit Surge 3 much the same way as MsStretch. Started after Total Knee Replacement 3 months ago following a sedate period of about 1 year. I set the Fitbit goals as mobility increases, now routinely meet my goal of 5000 steps.For me steps/day & 250 steps/hour are invaluable. Much appreciate the AARP rewards and coordinate my Fitbit tracking in two ways:

-Steps per day

-Meditations - let Fitbit track my meditations but use the high quality AARP meditations. Reduce volume on the cell start meditations in both places. Fitbit records timeline, heart-rate and mood while some AARP meditations reward with points.


Also use the Surge 3 to track:

- Active minutes/day goal

- Flight of stairs/day - my device significantly undercounts

- Sleep tracking & analysis

- Weight & BMI

- Fluid & food intakes


Every day except Saturday and Sunday. Started walking because it was the only activity I could do while wearing an oxygen tank on my back. I don't have COPD. I do have Polycythemia, which I acquired by going from a lot of physical activity to sitting behind a desk, looking at a computer. Going back to school later in life has it's downfalls. Hopefully, my body will react and the bones will slow down the red blood cell production and I can get back on the bicycle as that is my true love. 10K may not be the magic number, but I feel a lot better when I see my fitness tracker flash with the little trophy each day.

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I got a smartwatch for my birthday and have been tracking my steps. I try to get 10k steps a day, but if I get over 7,500 I'm also happy about it. I sit all day for my work, so having the watch has helped me keep moving throughout the day, which is great.


I wish AARP would include Google Fit in their trackers so I can get points for walking. Maybe they'll read this post and decide to add it.


Does AARP have their own tracker? I use a Linteltek ID115Plus HR and it will interface with Google Fit or VeryFitPro (which is the one I use). A lot less expensive than FitBit and I have used mine over a year without a single failure. No fast battery discharge, no can't hold a charge, no random info. A great tracker.


Yes, I do, I walk four miles a day doing things around my home. I was surprised to find out that I walk that much a day. I thought that I was becoming a major couch potato, LOL. I also do a focused walk twice a week that is five miles.

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10,000 steps is approximately 5 miles and I walk 5-6 miles on three days per week, so the answer is "No."  I don't walk every day because I believe recovery is important.  I used to walk 10-12 miles, three times per week with the help of opioids for leg pain.


Regarding, "Rewarded for your steps with AARP Rewards" see:


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Yes I do and I ❤️ it and like to walk and exercise. We have feet to walk and feel good. In order to feel good and look great you have to walk .

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I have my Fitbit goal set at 7500 steps which, according to the article and other sources I've read, may be the "magic number".  Although that is not originally why I had it set there.  I used to have it set lower at fewer steps, than as I obtained that goal on a regular basis, I upped it.  I went into holding pattern at 7500, because I figured that was doable and on some days, it seemed 10,000 steps was just not possible and therefore, would prove daunting and I would get discouraged.  But if I hit 7500, I could say goal met and try to go even further without any 'added pressure'.  Surprisingly, I usually can hit 10K.


I agree with @ManicProgressive , I believe maintaining some level of activity does help with mobility issues, but also a whole lot of other health issues not to mention weight.  Especially during the past year we've had, I've been particularly cognizant of watching the FitBit and 'upping the ante'. 

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Interesting.  I actually get more steps now, by filling in commuting time with walking/hiking.  


Anecdotal only, but it seems those folks in my life who stay at least moderately active have fewer mobility issues as they age.  That's my end goal.  Not necessarily a much longer life.  But a mobile one.

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