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Coping Mechanisms

How Do you cope with life?  For myself, I've gone through Cognitive Behavior Therapy, exercise regularly, sleep 7- 8 hrs, eat healthfully, engage in fun leisure pursuits, challenge my brain, reach out socially and try not to take myself to seriously. 

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Hi Rhymesometimes..  Your question presupposes that "life" is to be "coped with".  Nahhhh - not for me, anyway.  Life is to be lived, enjoyed, relished, cherished;  not coped.  Car crashes, fires, floods, injuries must be "coped" with.  Incidentally - I could copy and paste your response to your question, and it would apply to me and my bride.  


Please - keep up the good work.

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@wilful  Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.   I've seen too many  people in my life ( one family member recently OD'd and died ) that don't seem to have resiliency.  They are coping with difficult situations, or periods of life with abusing drugs and/or alcohol, glued to their phones, overspending, binging on tv or unhealthful foods, etc.  I'm not talking about doing these things occasionally. Many of us are guilty of that. ( minus the illegal drugs and getting rip-roaring drunk ) 


I hope schools are teaching young kids techniques to build resiliency.  We all need it more than ever.

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