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Sharing Thoughts for the Holiday Season

Early on after my husband died last year, a friend of mine, who is also a widow, advised me to do something every day that makes me “happy.” I initially dismissed the idea but a small voice kept reminding me that it was worth trying. The “it” of whatever makes me happy, I found, could be listening to music, enjoying nature, reading that article I didn’t get to, calling a friend I lost contact with, wearing an ugly Xmas sweater, etc. It doesn’t have to be big or take great effort. My loved one would want me to be happy and continue with life. Memories are good if you can carry them over to the present. I am a work in progress, rebuilding and healing with hope for the future. Yes, you will always miss your loved one, but not at the expense of a life worth living. Hope you can find continued peace, comfort and faith this holiday season. Your friend, Sue

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Merry Christmas to all who are grieving. May we all find some peace in the season 🎄

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Very well said. You have no idea how much that helps.

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Sue, I always appreciate your sage advice. And it is all true!

I have also found things I enjoyed (but my husband did not)

are things I can do now without guilt. Such as, if I want to 

listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving (A cardinal

sin in his book-lol) I can do that. And I do! I hope you have

a blessed holiday season and take care of yourself- Kathy


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Kathy, thanks very much for sharing.  I'm glad that we are identifying activities that we are now trying again.  Although we are still missing our loved ones, a reality is that we are liberated to try these again.  I also like to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, also not done in my house.  I guess we have to view this as a new opportunity to reenter a new life without them.  I like your comment about doing this guilt free.  Our loved ones would want us to be happy and start living a fulfilled life, even without them physically being here.  Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for a better 2023.  Yours, Sue 🎵🎄🎀

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