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More reflections on the grief journey

I wanted to share some reflections as I continue on my grief journey. I have found it helpful to try to relate my feelings of loss with another nonpersonal situation.  Perhaps this is my version of mindful thinking in the present.  I could see myself in a dark forest seemingly lost and looking for a way to the light. Or I could be on a turbulent flight in midair, possibly without a pilot and crew.  Or I could be jumping out of plane and don’t know if I have a parachute.  These are some analogies to my feelings of lose and apprehension.  However, once I start thinking about another situation, I begin to work through the challenges in a more impersonal way.  If I am in the dark forest, I may have a compass, I may meet helpful campers and rangers, I could have flashlight and other equipment.  Now this doesn’t sound as dismal, but potentially manageable by me.  It helps to be more grounded and reflect on my strengths and abilities.  It also helps me question my assumption of my environment – perhaps there are helpful strangers out there?  Why not?  Perhaps there is a workable solution I haven’t thought of?  Perhaps I have a parachute when I jump out of the plane.  I find it is easy to get caught up in my personal world and sorrows, but is that all there is?  No, I think it is my responsibility to find my way out, keeping my husband’s memories alive but not defining my present and future life.  Not easy, but worth a try.  Have a good weekend.  Sue

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Thank you Sue for your helpful sharing. Reminders of positive viewpoint. Good things happen.


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Thank you for your wisdom @SueS788527 as 

always. A different path to healing that I hadn’t 

considered. Very well worded. Enjoy your

weekend as well 💜

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