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Happy Summer Community!



Hope all are well! I enjoy the Seasons every year! I am not complaining, but

i missed Winter. Never had a chance to wear a heavy jacket, new boots, long scarf, and Christmas gloves. The weather kept teasing us in the Northeast.

We will probably make up with HEAT! There is an advantage to being 

Retired. I go outside to get my mail and early mornings breath in the cool

breeze. When we look at the piles and piles of snow out West and especially 

California. Last year they complained about Wildfires and the drought? A Family member lives in California and a Friend in Arizona. My are they complaining but are used to over 100 degrees. Where we live our state is shielded from lots of

Weather due to the Mountains and I am happy about that. 
So Community embrace each Season and each day! Stay hydrated and talk to

other people during the week. It is good for your health to have Friends or to

make new Friends. Wear your “masks” to avoid the Canadian “Wildfires smoke.”


Take care! You are Loved!


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I have two favorite seasons Spring  (new beginnings) and Fall (harvest time we reap what we sow) . It's interesting to read about how weather affects different parts of the country and how people cope with the constant changes..I am thankful that I don't live where tornadoes are prevalent, we have hurricanes but not as much as the Southern portion of the U.S.A. I am thankful for all the seasons of New England.We experience the changes that come with them.

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