My husband passed away a few months ago and I am having a very hard time dealing with the grief any suggestions on a bereavement group or anything that was helpfulness 


First of all, I am sorry for your loss and there are no words that can be said to remove your pain.  


Dealing with the grief is necessary.  I used GriefShare which is a multi-week religious based process and was very helpful.   I might have realized more benefit if I was a member of the church.  I might have liked a traditional group setting away from a church because the visual church setting became a negative visual reminder.   Taking time to journal your grief will always be helpful.


I am sorry for your loss.  GriefShare is a wonderful program and is Christ based program. That means we use scripture, and do talk about God.  We are in no way there to suggest a specific church or talk religion.  Many groups are now meeting online, through a program called Zoom Meet. This way you can watch the video and participate in a discussion after the video, in your own home..  It is usually a 2 hour program, and runs for 13 weeks.  You can find a group, or more information at:

I would be willing to help you find  a group in your area, if you would still like to get more from the program. Text or E mail me.  Marcia 775-253-0201  or

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