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๐Ÿ“‹ Decluttering To Make YOUR Passing EASIER On Loved Ones!

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What DECLUTTERING are YOU doing if any? ๐Ÿค”

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i would like to find a place for false teeth because of the precious metals that are used in them or a place for old hearing aides...I am starting on my stuff and giving it to those who have a need or may want it..You can't take it with you...My husband use to say if you go before me ..I'm backing up a dump truck and disposing of all...It didn't work out that way so I donated it to good causes that would benefit others either by bringing in cash for the cause or pleasure to those who got or purchased it through thrift stores like the Salvation Army, Big Brother/Big Sister and the Vietnam Vets...Hopefully I will be able to go through my things so our adult children won't be bombarded with disposing...Though there are some real estate places that will take all lock/stock and barrel thus helping the cause of disposal...Just getting rid of a sofa/full mattress set and student desk came to over $500.00 to a disposal company a little high I thought...

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Jonibee sounds like a lot to do. However I feel the same. I think its also a way of moving forward. But if it gets you run down it's not worth it. Take care!


Some groups that recycle hearing aids are: The Lions Club, Hearing Aid Project, & The Starkey Hearing Foundation. I'm finding that denture recycling isn't really done in the US but it is in Japan. Dental schools may accept them in the US.


I've also donated books that are relevant and in good shape to Friends of the Library and taken old electranics and chemicals to a drop off station.


I've made multiple trips to drop off things at a donation center, donated old eyeglasses, and so far have filled 20 paper grocery bags with shredded paper! I still feel like there is much more to do!!



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(4 comments) I forgot about my OLD "glasses" Marcy @MarcyW882921 , glad you mentioned this. I need to locate a CHARITY who accepts them.


Nicole ๐Ÿค—๐ŸคŽ

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Lions Club have a box, usually at a vision store. I'm pretty sure a Walmart, too.

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Thanks @sp10361228 , I go to Walmart next Tuesday. I will ask! Nicole ๐Ÿ™ƒ


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Lions Club have a box, usually at a vision store. I'm pretty sure a Walmart, too.โ—€๏ธ

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The glasses took a little searching. Our library used to have a dropbox but it isn't there any longer. I found a select Walmart that had a drop off. It wasn't my neighborhood store, but it wasn't that far and I was glad to find a home for all of our old glasses.

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Just so you and others will know - The Lions Club Has a Recycle Eyeglass program, they also partner with other stores and places to collect them.


LIONS Club Recycle Eyeglasses


Old hearing aids can be donated to various audiologist โ€˜s offices - they can refurbish them with a new warrantee and then sell them for a small amount that covers their time and materials.

Those that work with Deaf Schools really do a services with these old is new again devices - yea, cause even deaf kids are kids with the same types of bumbling.



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