Primary vs Secondary Memberships and Rewards Program

Yesterday, the wife decided she wanted to start earning points in the Rewards program. I signed her up under her email address, etc. and all was working well.  She was able to collect ~7500 points.  Today, she logged in again under her email address and the points available per quiz, etc, were non member size.  I got involved and saw that there was a button "I am already a member" and clicked it.  It asked for "her" membership number, so I got her card and entered it. It was then I discovered she was a secondary member under my account. It asked me to select who was primary so I clicked my name.  


Now, when she logs in, it comes up with my name. I tried to go in to the main AARP account associated with her email, and was able to change the name, but not the birthdate. 


Now I am getting confused. Have I set up a second account in my name, or is there a secondary account in my wife's name?  I changed her name back on "her" account. I think it only lets the primary account holder to change his or her name.


Now when I switch back and forth between AARP and AARP Rewards, it seems to come up with a different account in Rewards.  


My questions are as follows:

Does my wife need to set up her own primary membership in order to get the 50% bonus points? We have no issue doing this, since the cost is low compared to the value, using Door Dash, Uber Eats or whatever, for meals delivered to our home.

How do I straighten this out so it does not appear that I have two accounts of my own?

I want to get this straightened out.  If she has to start over from scratch, earning points, I would rather it happen ASAP.

@AARPTeri ?


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Community Manager
Community Manager

@RussellP197074   We are looking into this and will get back to you about how we will resolve this issue.

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By the way, the point totals are proper for what it should be for each email address used to log in.



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