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Please add Samsung Health to the list of fitness trackers that earn AARP Rewards

Samsung mobile devices are among the most popular in the USA. They include the Samsung Health mobile wellness app, which includes a fitness tracker and thereby negates the need for any of the trackers that currently earn AARP Rewards.  Therefore, would you please add Samsung Health to the list of fitness trackers that earn AARP Rewards?


I agree samsung health  should be on list.

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@Froide Due to the numerous manufacturers of fitness devices we are unable to support them all.
We apologize for any inconvenience and will note your device type for future consideration. 


My castlight for work has no issues connecting to Samsung health. It was a waste of my time downloading AARP NOW.

I agree as far as adding the Samsung to the list. Apple and Samsung are the 2 biggest phone producers. If apple is supported Samsung should be on the list as well. Please pass this up the ladder so our request doesn't get lost or fall on deaf ears.


I would definitely like to connect my Samsung Health app to AARP rewards!  Please add Samsung Health to your list.

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On the bright side, even though we can't get points on AARP Rewards for our exercise, we can still get our daily kudos from Samsung Health for meeting our activity goals for the day.


Stay well,


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Stay well, everybody!


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