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Renewing Texas Driver's License

Texas is making it difficult for driver's who renewed online in the past to renew their driver's license. As a senior citizen, I found it easy to renew our driver's license online for the past few years. This year my husband of 47 years is required to provide his original Social Security Card and his birth certificate to prove his citizenship in the United States. I will be next as my birthday comes around.


Along with that burden, we are also required to make an appointment online through a state scheduler for a city department that has a population of 10,000 folks. We appreciate all workers and we want to be understanding and kind but where is the understanding and kindness toward those who may not have a computer or a caregiver who knows how to use one for the necessary requirements.



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This sounds like getting a REAL ID - in most states it is issued via a drivers license with some special features.  Be glad you haven't divorced and remarried - cause then all those doc have to be also brought in - The simplest explanation is these government official have to verify you and your name through any type of name changes.  If this is what you are complaining about - it is a one time thing - 

A Real ID is currently used by DHS for air travel but I see that down the road it may be used for other things too - maybe, that's just me.

The deadline for state compliance has been continuously extended - guess it is now 2023. - REAL ID


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In NC, one can renew a driver's license online only every other renewal.


Also, renewals come closer together for senior citizens. I believe, after a certain age, the license must be renewed every 5 years versus the normal 8 years allowed for younger folks.

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