Healthpoint blood pressure monitor!

My wife and just bought a Healthpoint blood pressure monitor and it was a huge mistake! The manual for this unit has text so small that some of it is unreadable for elderly people like us (79&80)! Obviously saving money at the expense of their customers! I hope you will pass this on to fellow AARP members so they do not buy this unit!

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TOTALLY - agree with you   👍   but would even take it further.

Actually, @MichaelD5017, I'd say this is an important matter for a lot of products and even TV & other type print ads, DISCLAIMERS  and instructions - even those from government sources - Can't even use a magnifier when they don't stay up on the screen for longer than a couple of seconds.  Many times, Congress legislates what info has to be disclosed - but if the targeted audience (many times seniors) don't have time or the ability to see it / read it - what does this legislation help?

So should the (minimum) size type and how long it is visible be a further consideration for certain things, legislatively speaking?  I certainly think so - why go part of the way - why not go all the way to what is presented.



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