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Final Expense and Obituary cost

I do NOT know if the previous version of this message was posted.  This is why I am posting, a second time.


My former healthcare provider, Molina Healthcare, suggested that I sign up for a final expenses, and pre-paid obituary.


Now, I am searching for an affordable plan, to cover these expenses.


Since I am on Social Security Disability, I can afford a monthly premium of no more than $5.00 per month.


Does anyone have a suggestion for where I can find the information, which I seek, and at a price which I can afford.


Any information would be appreciated.


Again, my apologies, if this message is a repeat.

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I don’t have a response to your question. However, I am going to donate my body to research and be cremated for free. Funeral expenses have so high I want save my family the money. Unless they object that’s what I will do. I am not dogging funeral houses. I am sure they work hard for their money but, it is just so expensive nowadays.

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Yes but you might not like mine; i suggest cremation.WHY/IT is much more ecologically better.,Burying whole bodies and caskets, and spending thousands to do this is increasingly a bad idea for the earth.--The earth is a limited area, and we are over populating the planet as is; adding more caskets and dead bodies is not "honoring"anyone,My whole familty decided on cremation, all of us agreed, and I will go back to ashes also. --I feel much better about this.NOW where do you get cremation?Hospitals and medical centers have connections with cremation services.Abot $800. often covers it all.and you can go to "The Neptune Society" they are everywhere; they offer a fixed price, or a high amt. of monthly payment.I suggest, also ask local funeral companies, as often they have a low priced cremation plan. IT IS MUCH BETTER for the earth.--We already have a very sick planet,with a dying bird population, and women all getting breast cancer from the pollution. ---If you know science people,you'd get very depressed--they see a sick planet that is dying,including the wild animals.--As for us,the disease experts predict more and more pandemics so the earth can rid itself of billions of people.--It is THE PLANET that is deliberately making pandemics.--And we will have more of them,they predict. Sorry, its true. But cremation is clean and kind to the planet.--You won't regret it.

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@NormanH128364 Hi Norman, although we at AARP do not provide insurance, we’re happy to connect you to carefully chosen service providers that do. We work with New York Life Insurance Company to offer products and services that have been researched and carefully evaluated to meet our high standards. We encourage you to contact them directly for more information about the final expenses options they have. New York Life can be reached at 1-800-865-7927

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@NormanH128364 wrote:


My former healthcare provider, Molina Healthcare, suggested that I sign up for a final expenses, and pre-paid obituary.


WHY would they suggest that to you?  Seems outside of their focus.

Could you be in a Medicaid spend-down situation?  If that is the case, most states will allow for the pre-payment of certain funeral and burial expenses for Medicaid spend-down. This can be a complicated issue, however, since individual states have their own rules about what can be purchased and how much can be invested in these expenses. Check with your individual state Medicaid program or an elder law attorney for detailed information on Medicaid spend-down.


So, the actual reason why Molina Healthcare is suggesting this to you needs to be understood by you.  Maybe I could help more with direction but not until the reason is known because it doesn't sound like this should be the place for your money right now if you can only afford $ 5.00 a month for it.  If you can't do more than $ 5.00 per month for prepayment of this type of cost - it will take you a very, very long time even for cremation, the most economical route.   



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