Consumer Cellular is a bad choice

Why do you continue to promote Consumer Cellular?  They did not treat me fairly after I joined them on your recommendation.

I moved my cellular service from AT&T thinking I would get a better price with better service.  I also needed a new phone.  After buying a new Consumer Cellular Apple Iphone and having their service for nearly 4 weeks, I decided to discontinue my relationship with Consumer Cellular because I had continued problems with its service.  When I went to move my service back to AT&T and to activate the new apple phone I got through Consumer Cellular with AT&T, I learned that my new phone was locked and needed Consumer Cellular to unlock it.  Consumer Cellular informed me that in the contract that was displayed on their web page, it says that if I buy a new Apple Phone through them, I can’t have it unlock for six month after I purchased it.  This means that, even though I can cancel my service at anytime, I can’t unlock my new phone for six months, locking me into a relationship with Consumer Cellular for six months.

I hold you somewhat responsible for me being in this situation because you recommended them to me.  Shame on you.

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ALWAYS READ THE FINE PRINT.  Sometimes you have to use a magnifying glass.

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Hi, here to help! I am sorry to hear of your experience with Consumer Cellular. It is not uncommon for cell providers to have a waiting period prior to unlocking a device. Unlocking a device typically has eligibility requirements which include a certain amount of time the device has to be active with their company. For example, a T-Mobile device on a pre-paid plan has to be active for at least 365 days. 

If you feel as though your service issues are not being handled appropriately or are experiencing difficulties, you can always contact AARP for help if there's an issue with an AARP provider. Please use this link ( to contact us by phone, chat or text.

  •            Description of your issue
  •            Mention that you are requesting an escalation

We look forward to hearing from you!

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I would contact my local tv station and ask for consumer problem assistance and see if they can help you to correct this situation...

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