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A system to manage systems?

Hello.  I am 68, been receiving and have read the AARP magazines and news letters for a while.  I enjoy the updates, but have a question that I don't think has been addressed:  Is there an industry or service of an existing industry that helps us seniors manage medical appointments, medicines, conflicting "advice" from doctors, lawyers, dentists and so forth?  It would be great not to burden our younger children and other relatives with our questions by having a personal and objective advocate who can make the myriad phone calls, send the emails, answer surveys and forth when it comes to chasing down answers about our health care.   We have the necessary insurances, the powers of attorney, advance directives and so forth - to employ when major life events happen.  What I am seeking is someone to manage the minutiae of our "good" days. 


I think I'm looking for a solution that doesn't exist due to the complexity, legalities and so forth - but as a senior who has been frustrated with the various "systems" in our world - I was just wondering.  I would think there is an as yet untapped industry for those who can do such things on behalf of us who grow frustrated and just "go with the flow" on so many issues.   Any comments are welcome.  Thanks in advance. 

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What you are describing is a Health Advocate or a Medical Advocate.

These links will take you to some information about them 

John Hopkins  The Power of a Health Care Advocate


Kaiser Health - Medical Advocates Can Help Guide Patients On Difficult Care Choices


The same problem still exist - finding a good one - they cost because the really good ones are all booked up.



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