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Rewards Program Complaint

Any chance you can fix the lousy Rewards Program you have? Why are items always "SOLD OUT"? Every day, SOLD OUT. Sorry, but no one wants a "Phone Soap" gift card.


And please, none of the lame excuses about when is the best time to log in and use your points. I've seen 10:00am, 12:00noon, 11:59pm and I've tried them all. Never been able to purchase anything with my points, except the "Instant Lose" items and the "Cheat Stakes" items.


If things "SELL OUT" so fast, maybe you should think about offering more of each item? Kinda dumb to offer 3 items a day to millions of members.


Just sayin'.





Periodic Contributor

Agree with this....also to add insult to injury, they will take away unused points if they’re not used within a year.  How can one use their points when there’s nothing to use them on.


These aren't rewards.  They're pittances.  It's insulting to 'valued members.'  I'd been earning rewards for years to save for several things I wanted.  When I looked at the new rewards section, they were all gone, replaced by different things nobody wants, like a slew of store discount cards that offer you, wait for incredible 2 to 5 dollars off!!  Thanks so much - NOT.


Agree with everybody here plus since they switched providers of these so-called rewards you don't have as much offered to you. In addition, why are almost all of the rewards geared towards people with serious issues. There's a lot of us out there that don't need depends and we don't need a walker or a bath seat. And even if we needed one of those, there's never enough rewards $$ to purchase them, they always are more than the rewards you are given. I used to be able to get my electric toothbrush replacement heads but now I can't since we switched away from Walmart provider. It's nice to have help with lower ticket items, although toothbrush replacement heads are not cheap. They don't even offer a lot of choice in vitamins and supplements. Walmart had a lot more to offer. And their prices were cheaper so you got more for the little bit of money you get in the rewards program. Thanks everybody.

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