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crystal collapse, ok what am I missing I can hardly get to 200k points and I see all those 1M... ?

I am reaching out, 


I have only recently discovered Crystal collapse, so I thought I would give it a try, now I am hooked.  my problem is that after the 6th or 7th level I get these terrible challenges, with 3 of each, bubbles, shield and the regular tiles..  that burns all my moves so I end up losing. 

I understand the little rewards on the left, so I try to reach for those when it makes sense.  I also get that if I hook up 2 eagles together it cleans all the tiles (well at least at the lower levels which are only 1 thickness worth).   

any hint appreciated


thanks 🙂

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Hi, @Mimi7Jud, thanks for taking the time to post!


While playing, you’ll often see a group of like-colored crystals with an animal marking on all of them. These special powers appear when a certain number of crystals are next to each other — the more crystals, the better the power.


When you click on this grouping, they’ll all condense into one special crystal. You can use that crystal to clear multiple other crystals (or logs, or leaves) nearby. But you can go even one step further with a combo.


Collapse a crystal into one of the animal powers, and then try to collapse another crystal into another animal power, so that the two powers are sitting right next to each other. Then click on one of the animal powers and watch a huge portion of the board disappear!

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thank you, Lynne 


I am already familiar with the animal power/combo.  (that is why I mentioned hooking up the 2 eagles together to clear the whole board)


I am wondering how so many people can reach the 1M target 


I am also curious if there is a way to predict if I will get a column or a line wipe out when I join the tiles together.  (I have tried selecting the top, the bottom, the far left, far right middle, I thought maybe it is the color, or maybe it is in the direction of my last selection..  I cannot identify the pattern).  


it might just be a question of chance and that's fine, I was just reaching out to see if there were others who knew more tricks than the one you are referring too.


thank you 




I have tried everything also to get a higher score. Does anyone have any tips or tricks. I just don’t believe people are reaching a million? I also make it up to 200k points and that’s it.

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thank you for answering, I was starting to wonder if there was me.. (and my 200k some points) and the rest of the world getting 1M..  


in addition to hooking up the 2 birds together to clear the whole board, I have found that the bear paws are not too bad when combined with one of the northern stars.. (it does not matter what direction they are aiming to), this will clear 3 lines and 3 columns

the bear paws will also work good combined with another bear paw (lots of bear paws will "stump" the board)

the bird with the bear paw is not too bad either.


the bird alone or with a northern star is pretty useless..  


2 or more northern stars together is a little bit of a waste, you will only clear one column and one line regardless of how many of them you hook up together.


I was faced with a puzzle 3 days ago that was impossible to solve.. leaves at the very top with nothing next to them or under them (so no way to get a nothern star wipe out) and bubbles everywhere... 


it looks like this might be more a luck driven game than strategy driven.


have  a nice day  🙂


Not just you !!  I was trying to find out if there was something i was missing that I should be doing .  Hard to believe that so many people can get 700,000 to a Million just by luck !

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thank you 🙂


I really like this game, but even though I am playing it a lot, the max I ever reached was 485k...  which was because I was very lucky to get easy challenges in many levels.  it is still a puzzle to me why so many get the high score of 1M and even 2M...  I was beginning to think my luck is really bad, then I noticed the names seem to repeat themselves..  mmm  there is something going on for sure.. or those people are just consistently very lucky....  







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I cannot believe there truly are people who get 1M points. To no avail, I've tried every trick I know to get those mega points.

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