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Mahjongg Solitaire

Anyone know how to stop the annoying falling flower petals from dropping while playing Mahjong Solitaire?

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Hi, everyone! In Mahjongg Solitaire we've enabled the option to turn off the falling flower petals. That's found under Settings, like so:

Turn off PetalsTurn off Petals




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Hi! I am not able to start a new topic, so am trying this way. Lately, when I play Mahjong Solitaire, after I finish and click continue, it does not save my score and there is no listing of my current score and top score from the past below the game. Is this feature gone forever on this particular game? All the other games I play do it. And, please don't tell me to clear my cache, I tried but it did nothing, except lose all my scores from the other games I play!

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Hopefully this will be my final post on the issue.  I did hear again from Arkadium Support and they said they will create a way to turn off the falling flower petals when they do the next update.  There is no telling when that next update will be, or if they'll follow through, but perhaps there is a glimmer of hope.  Thanks to all who weighed in! 

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Thank you @MichaelM02067 .

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Thanks, @MichaelM02067 and others for posting here. We're looking into this as well.

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This was a topic a couple of years ago; there will not be a change unless AARP buys Arkadium and orders the programmers to stop the falling leaves... Check history; it will not change.

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Thank you Lynne.  I did hear from Arkadium again and they said the AARP version had been updated to the latest version, which evidently includes the floral flurries.  

I appreciate your looking into this on our behalf. -MM

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Community Manager

Thanks for circling back, @MichaelM02067. You're welcome; it's my pleasure!

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Update 2: I heard back from Arkadium and they say there is no way to turn off the cascading petals.  I pointed out that they just appeared recently so there is probably some way to turn it off on their end, but I don't expect much from them.  

If you are so inclined use the "Contact Arkadium Support" link, found at the bottom of the page, to let them know.  It might not work but it could be worth the effort. 


I can't STAND them! Just filled out 2 feedback forms with my complaint. I use these games to destress and I want to throw my laptop across the room. I quit!


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Update: I contacted Arkadium about the issue.  I'll provide an update if I hear back. 


I don't know how to stop them, either, and agree they are annoying. I may give up on games because they are now in a format way to small with a large flashing ad to the right of the small game screen.


Good question! These just popped up today! Very distracting...doesn't add to the game quality at all!


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