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Would You Rather #3?

Would you rather be invisible for a week or be able to fly for a week? Why?


I would pick flying. Especially if it was super sonic fast, and get to visit family, friends.



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I think I'd be in the "fly" category, sort of, but I'd take it to the next level of teleportation (ala Star Trek) or apparition (ala Harry Potter), but flying on a broom for short local trips could be fun.. 

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@DeahWA  You always have a wonderful creative spin on your answers. That would be very interesting flying on a broom.  Maybe time it at Halloween! Really freak out the little trick-or-treaters!

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Absolutely fly! Just the freedom to take off and explore, without traffic or people, and enjoy the view and peace from above. Besides, sometimes life has a way of making you feel invisible anyway. 

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Steve the @postman29  I really like that answer.  Since you have been a long-time caretaker, I totally understand why you would like to fly away and have a break and freedom  now and then.  You could be the flying stand up comedian!

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