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What are your pet peeves?

Walking through the Home Depot parking lot for the billionth time in the past month ( a side effect of moving to a new house ) I saw multiple shopping carts abandoned randomly.  Those things can slam into cars and do serious damage.  Park your cart.   Another shopping related pet peeve, single item bagging.  Don't we have enough plastic bags floating in the oceans? Relationship pet peeves, people who tell lies and are always running late.  Getting off my high horse now.


What are your pet peeves?

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AARP Moderators ignoring their customers. Telling their customers they are meeting on an issue, and 5 days later - not a word.  Isn't it generally courteous to say, we'll get back to you 'x' number of days/hours?  


AND...not acknowledging a courtesy offered/extended like, holding a door open, saying God bless you/bless you after a sneeze....

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I agree with those pet peeves. Let me add first, the people who can't hold a door open for you when entering or leaving a building, and two, the people who can't be bothered to say thank you when you hold the door for them. What happened to manners?

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That non-acknowledgement for holding a door open for someone is so rude. 


Some days I think I should just go all-in, buy a doorman's uniform and embrace the eroding of common courtesy.

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@postman29 , Yes, general good manners would be refreshing. Holding doors open seems to be the exception, not the rule.  Christine


Is there room up there on the horse? 😉

Agree with you about shopping carts in parking lots, along with parking spaces not meant for SUVs and drivers who take up 2 spaces. Ugghh!


My town banned plastic bags a couple years ago, But last year some big grocery stores found a way to provide recyclable plastic bags. It's big out here for shoppers to bring their own bags to the store, and many have cloth or multi-use woven plastic bags for that purpose. But come the pandemic and baggers weren't willing to use shoppers re-useable bags. Oy!


High maintenance, and chronically late people drive me crazy. I remember eating out with an acquaintance once who had to have the chair at the next table over, then she needed a different water glass, next it was the air conditioning was too cold, and the sun was in her eyes. And she kept me waiting for her for 20 minutes. Needless to say, I haven't gone out with her again.  

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@DeahC77388 , Always room 😃 awesome pet peeves! I think a whole book could be written about bad behavior related to parking lots and out on the road. People please signal when you are turning or changing lanes. Ugg! 


I think, . . .  we might just need more horses! Christine

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If there was a way to issue multiple kudos for the turn-signal mention, I'd be clicking that little thumbs-up icon like crazy.


Not signaling turns or lane changes drives me up the wall, no pun intended.


My personal theory is that once the unsafe practice of talking on cell phones while driving became so commonplace, it was that much more difficult to hold the phone with one hand, the steering wheel with the other — and figure out a way to engage the blinker. 


And the blinker got the shaft. So it was up to everyone else to somehow anticipate what these drivers' next moves were. Ugh.

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@AvocadoDog , Thank you! I can't believe what I see people doing while driving,  eating, applying make up, brushing their teeth, picking their teeth, picking their . . . well you get the idea! Christine


I would totally vote for more horses. !!!

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@DeahC77388 , A whole stable worth! Christine

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