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Request for Assistance to Retired Educators and High School Administrators

Brand new here. A Surviving Parent of TeenAger Suicide. Interested in submitting a CAPSTONE proposal to the grad schools in Public Health and Education Psychology. Searching for discussions with mental health and education providers who are retired and may wish to give help in deciding the feasibility ,fundability ,and future value of a SUITE of six projects for the High School Seniors for collaborations among their social clubs both inside and outside of the school system.


The aim of the campaign is a peer review and reporting for a Chapter network of surviving parents of lost children to gang violence, drugs and suicide to become members of local community service boards as mom and pop 501c3’s with their own evidence based agenda and export workShops to local school superintendents and be multiplier effects in the use of family foundation monies funding the model research in local school districts.

My sense says such a level of group efficacy is powerful enough and those stakes are recognized. What is needed is a retired MSW or MPH with school psychologist ‘clout’ to present a strong CAPSTONE proposal in the language of the educator and school administration.


There are two. Washington DC programs accessible via the completed campaign GARRETT LEE SMITH and PREVENTS open to nonProfit networks that participate in this partnerShip with the College University. More interesting is the GRADuate school thesis candidates give a presentation in neutrality having no work and grant cycle pressures PLUS the indemnity afforded to partners in a research community service project.


I am open to those retired people out of the systems of education and mental health for firming a planning committee. AnyOne?


James Thorman

zip 14422 (google to find more about this thing), consider being a helper and shining a light on the Senior class using a strategy that establishes a student board and offers that platform seed projects which form a BRIDGE between master social workers in the civilian and Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington via the Standing House Veterans Affairs Committee taking interest in this BRIDGE. After all the access for young adult mental and social wellBeing  exists in the school, college, and military options they have. Ask this question.

How many suicides and attempts in the nation are people between the age range eighteen and twentyfour? Hence, a facility for building a bridge is on offer and the graduating seniors are on this ‘access road’.

[phone number removed to protect online privacy]

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